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Dixie Seating Signature Bar Stool 30 Inches

You don't want to miss this super sale on our signature 30-inch barstool. This piece features a beau..


Dixie Signature Dining Chair with Woven Seat

This signature Dixie Seating Dining Chair features a larger frame from our other dining chairs and a..


No. 11 County Line Ladderback Chair

Bring home over 80 years of traditional American-made seating with the County Line Ladderback Chair ..


No. 11 County Line Ladderback Chair (CERULEAN BLUE)

The No. 11 County Line Cerulean Blue Dining Chair is now only $60. This high-back chair features a c..


No. 12 Morisette Ladderback Chair

Experience traditional seating with the Morisette chair. This beautifully crafted piece will make a ..


No. 2 Elizabeth Ladderback Chair

The Elizabeth chair in White will make a great addition to any home. Add a set of these classic ladd..


No. 30 Uptown Slat Seat Chair

In a kitchen, dining room, or even an accent area, the No. 30 Uptown chair really shines. It feature..


No. 33 Carolina Ladderback Chair

The No. 33 County Line Ladderback Chair by Dixie Seating Company features a simple yet striking desi..


No. 4 Maiden Ladderback Chair

The No. 4 Maiden Series is our latest addition to the ladder back chairs offered at Dixie Seating Co..


No. 4 Maiden Ladderback Chair (WHITE)

The Sale No. 4 Maiden Ladderback Chair in White is a classic chair. The detailed design of the back ..


No. 4A Maiden Ladderback Dining Chair - With Arms

ew to the Dixie Seating Company line of dining chairs, our No. 4 Maiden Ladderback dining chair with..


No. 7 Boone Ladderback Chair

Our No. 7 chair features a three wide panel ladder back design and is paired with a natural woven se..


No. 8 Concord Slat Seat Chair - Medium Oak

Looking for a chair with character and at a great price? The No. 8 Concord chair really shines with ..


No. 80 Davidson Slat Seat Chair

Some people like to say we do things the "old-fashioned" way. We like to think we just do things the..


No. 80 Davidson Slat Seat Chair - Green

This is a No. 80 Davidson Slat Seat Chair in Green. Measures 17.5 x 14.5 x 35. Limited quantity of t..